Asia Pacific University Indonesian Student Society is an international student society, formed back in 2005. Initially we were created by our seniors to provide Indonesians student a platform to celebrate our own Independence Day and obviously, to also strengthen fellow Indonesians in APU bonds. We proudly stand as one of the biggest and most active society in our campus with our varieties of event and activities.

Not so similar with other common student societies out there, we decided to create and grow our community in family-like environment, thus encourage members growth not only in organizational aspect, but also in their own talent and interest. Currently we have 7 active clubs specialize in various types of sport and art.

Aside from our weekly clubs' activities, we also have our own annually event for both internal and external. From charity to cultural show, we got them all. We envision to create event not only to entertain, but also educating and benefiting the societies in various way. And that’s how we able snatch the award of most active international community and the award of charity & community in 2018.

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Futsal Club
Kaisar: kaisarfarrr (LINE)
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Basketball Club
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Badminton Club
Felicia: felicianathania_ (LINE)
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E-sport Club
Vannes: chouders (LINE)
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Photography Club
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Explorer Club